Sheriff’s deputies charged with forcing inmates to fight each other for money

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I would hope that anybody who has been to jail can relate to how depraved and nightmarish this scenario is. The fact that the guy who stood there watching it all go on only received misdemeanor charges means this kind of cruel and unusual punishment is not illegal enough.

Has anybody asked Sheriff Hennessy how these guys slipped through the cracks and became corrections officers?


Given the trust and absolute authority given to guards, and how important it is they not abuse their trust and authority, the max sentences they are facing seem an order of magnitude too low. This isn’t some case where it is a judgement call, this is straight up wrong.


where are the federal charges in this situation. Ah I know, Federal charges only happen when a crime like this becomes political.


Neu faces a maximum of 10 years and two months in prison if he’s found guilty.

Guess what’ll happen to Neu when he gets to the slammer?

I would hope that any human can relate to how depraved and nightmarish this scenario is.

Isn’t that type of person just that cops/corrections look FOR? The kind who view everyone but themselves as sub-human scum?


I’m guessing that he’ll go directly to ‘administrative segregation’. Unless the FBI didn’t dig deep enough, in which case he’ll have to fight to defend his title.

Yeah, well I was describing something kind of specific that is not necessarily relevant to an #AllLivesMatter type comment.

I agree that there are far too many false positives, but I don’t think it’s in society’s interest for the training and hiring processes for these positions not to filter for them. What I think is happening now is that it’s a bonus that is allowed by the system. That should be changed.


Like making the combatants wear rubber Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks?

no I think political is when there is a lot of rioting in a major metropolitan area then the federal prosecutors will bring a charge against the cops, not before.

Hennessy just got elected this past November, although she did serve as interim Sheriff while Mirkarimi was suspended. AFAIK the sheriff’s office has been disavowing these assholes ever since this came to light — apparently that Thin Blue Line doesn’t extend to jail guards, who I suspect are the Epsilons of law enforcement.

On the other hand, if it weren’t for forced gladiatoral combat, we never would have had Spartacus or Conan. What’s Flash Gordon supposed to do now?

Call me back when they get around to this

Aside from that weird and inappropriate attempt at humor at the end of your comment, so what? I couldn’t give two shits where correctional officers lie in the pecking order, abuse of power and trust in a captive environment should have severe penalties. Like “sexual offender” severe.

My point was that fortunately their department isn’t backing them, unlike in 99% of police abuse cases, and unfortunately that may only be because they’re low-status.

US law enforcement has a public hard line that protects even the “low status” officers, as you describe them. I’ll read more, but I think it’s more likely a combination of people finding out and having a believable victim, which are the only things that ever have an effect here.

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