Former Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca loses appeal for obstructing justice and lying to federal authorities

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Call me when he’s sentenced to prison, if ever he actually is…


Sounds like he’s Donald Trump’s kind of guy. All he has to do is get himself or one of his pals on Fox and Friends, and Trump will give him a pardon so fast it’ll make the prosecutor’s head spin.

Sigh. I don’t like this timeline. Can I have a different one, please?


With Alzheimer’s? I’m not sure if prison is the right place for him.

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While Baca may have been nominally a Republican, Baca is not Trump’s kind of guy. There is basically no overlap between Trump and Baca. Baca was a liberal sheriff from a very liberal county. He is a Scientologist. He was deeply opposed to the Second Amendment. Baca was always supported by the Democratic party machine and unions until it became obvious that he was in trouble. He will not get a pardon. He will spend at least some time in prison, which he thoroughly deserves, but probably will get released early due to Alzheimer.

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If these aren’t federal charges, no possible 45 pardon.


It is federal charges. But no pardon is likely.


they can just tell him it’s his condo


citation needed.

according to wikipedia he’s a registered republican, he was against recognizing gay marriage, he supported partnering with ice to detain people thought to be undocumented, and was against early release of prisoners.

doesn’t sound liberal at all to me.

there’s some evidence he supported gun registration, and was slow to give out gun permits – but, other sources ( la weekly ) said he liked to give permits to groups that donated money to his campaign. so it seems it was more about influence peddling than principled stance. [ edit: and that’s pretty much the definition of modern conservatism. ]


That’s pretty much the game plan for any sheriff’s department, though. There’s a lot of privatized prison people who need jobs, you know. /sardonic


“You in a heap of trouble, boy.”

As horrible as Baca was, his senior deputies (esp. the ones in charge of the county lock-ups) were worse. The department was rotten from head to toe.


Scientology majority district goes Trump in Dem County.


I thought the only way to diagnose Alzheimer’s was post-mortem. Has that changed, or was it defense counsel BS?

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There’s no evidence that he’s actually a Scientologist; he’s just always been a very good friend of Scientology.


That’s interesting, I didn’t know that. I still don’t see any way Trump will pardon this guy. Look at Trump’s list of pardons so far. Baca doesn’t fit on that list at all. They’re either dead victims of injustices, or right-wing heroes, and Baca is absolutely not either of those.
To give an idea of Baca’s “right wing” cred, he was on the board of advisors of Women Against Gun Violence. Not exactly the NRA… He was endorsed repeatedly by the LA Times and a bunch of unions and Democratic groups and so on.
Here he is marching in the LA Pride parade. Etc etc. He does not fit as a right-wing hero, not going to get a pardon.

No, he thought the proliferation of military grade weaponry to the public was because of the Russian and Chinese and wanted an assault weapons ban. That’s nowhere near “being against the second amendment.”


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