"Devious Licks" and other Tik Tok viral teencrime stories were faked by a Republican PR firm working for Facebook

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if you are still using facebook, you’re part of the problem.


Only a small part, though. As with the climate emergency, the solution lies in larger institutions addressing the problem. In this case, anti-trust action is required to reduce the malign influence of this toxic, fascist-friendly corporation and the poorly executed attempt at a human who runs it.


Much ado about absolutely nothing.

Agreed. My thinking on this sort of thing has changed a lot over the past two years, even though I deleted my FB account for my own mental health. For at least a generation we’ve been told to vote with our dollars and that ethical consumerism could thwart corporate greed, yet here we are. Not much of anything has changed except corporations have learned the language of greenwashing and wokewashing (probably a better term for that) while actually regressing on things that could make substantive change in ecology, workplace equality, reasonable pay and their own social responsibility. It’s just another way for them to defer the cost to us while concurrently blaming us for the effects of their short-sighted destructiveness.



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Promises, promises…


Can school districts, many of which had to spend money dealing with this bullshit sue for damages?


It’s called the individualization of responsibility. Lots of discussion about it in ecological circles but while its effects don’t simply stay in the circle, acknowledgement of its existence tends to.

Everyone I know uses messenger and I’ve had to give up and go on it despite trying to move them to signal otherwise I’m simply not communicating with them on a regular basis.
Not having a Facebook means not seeing a lot of events.
It’s awesome if deleting Facebook works for some people.
But oftentimes it just doesn’t.

The onus should not be on its user base of almost 3 billion people to all on their own decide to leave.

It should be on the platform itself to not be ghoulish. And on regulations and oversights to be put in place to make certain that’s the case.
Or just some good old fashioned trust busting.


Man, these deep-fakes are just so obvious; it is like the AIs have given up on trying to produce something that looks convincingly human.


Is it against BB ToS to notice how Zuckerberg is developing the Innsmouth look as time goes by?


One day, soon, when the stars are right, he shall return to dwell with Father Dagon and Mother Hydra.


Yeah, well, people did voted with their dollars, it‘s just that most of them voted for corporate greed.

We might feel powerless to bring about the change that is necessary, but every small thing we can do means something. If we do nothing, nothing will change. We have to at least accept that responsibility.

It appears that at the moment it is, because our institutions ain’t doing shit about facebook eroding democracy and ruining people‘s mental health.

I vividly remember a time before facebook, for most of the 3 billion users that was not even 10 years ago. I would agree that some people can’t delete facebook, and I feel sad for them, because they are forced to stay on a platform that is actively exploiting them. I hope they get more out of it than they pay, however I doubt that this happens on a regular basis.

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The house always wins.


I agree that we all have a personal responsibility to do the most good that we can within our means, but I’ve come to reject the notion that substantive change is the sole responsibility of those who have little to no power while those that do have vast amounts of power sink us deeper into the bog.


An old East German joke:

A man has been collected by the Stasi, and is sitting in the interrogation room. The Stasi interrogator comes in and sits down. After a while, letting the tension build, he speaks.
“We already know everything we need to. And I’m in a good mood tonight. So, I’ll tell you what: I have a glass eye. It’s a very good, very expensive one. If you can guess which eye is false, I’ll let you walk right out that door.”
The man looks at the Stasi officer a moment, and says without hesitation, “The left one.”
“I am a man of my word, you are free to go. Just out of curiosity, though… how could you tell?”
“It has a kindly look about it.”


I don’t use facebook, and weirdly, my friends have e-mail addresses and phone numbers that can be texted or even… called! Yeah, it takes a teeny bit more effort, but it’s really miniscule, and a small price to pay to not grease the wheels of Facebook.


Damn, that’s some straight up 80’s movie corporate bad guy shit right there.


You have friends that still pick up the phone‽

Yeah, I was SMS and email only for years. Up until this one actually.
Ok and also trying with a little success to get people on board with Signal.
Which I still do and prefer btw.

But more and more of the convo got moved to messenger groups and I kept hearing “we didn’t tell you? I swore we told you? Ohhh, no, I might’ve just put it on the messenger group” more and more often.