DeVos -- one vote away from being shown the curb


Two Republican Senators have announced they will not be voting to confirm DeVos. That means they are but one vote away from showing the billionaire the curb. Has no teaching degree. No teaching experience. Known for charter schools and vouchers – that’s in. Her testimony was beyond frightening – with an attitude of “let’s get this over with – I’ve donated enough money”.

If you have a Republican senator call now.

Murkoski (AK) and Collins (ME) have already flipped.

It’s easy fo find the # to call. Flood them with calls. That’s how Collins and Murkowski decided. (Or they are just playing the system in some way).


Better yet - they’re considering holding up the vote on Jeff Sessions because if he goes to DOJ then the senate is 49-50 on DeVos. Sad!


It’s all games. She could be a sacrifice of sorts.


As discussed elsewhere, Heller has announced he won’t flip.

Pence is going to be the casting vote. She’s getting in 51-50.

Collins and Murkowski voted to let the vote proceed to the Senate even though they personally opposed her because they knew that she had 50 votes from elsewhere. Playing games to mollify their constituents.


That’s what I was thinking. Games.


I could see McCain, Rubio, or Graham putting … Cruz is spineless.


Unfortunately one of my senators is Lamar Alexander who, in spite of his alleged educational expertise, is unlikely to say no to Trump on anything. And the other, if you haven’t guessed, is Bob Corker whose name came up as a possible VP making him even less likely to be anything but a rubber stamp for the White House.


Alexander is also chairman of the HELP committee and made things as easy for DeVos as he possibly could have.

I hate sellouts.




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