Betsy DeVos confirmed as Education Secretary thanks to 'historic tiebreaking vote' from VP Mike Pence


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Betsy DeVos confirmed as Education Secretary thanks to 'historic tiebreaking vote' from VP Mike Pencek any Republican

How’s that ROI going.


Good bye Education, hello edumacation.


I don’t believe them.

I think their opposition was influenced by their desire to get re-elected coupled with the knowledge that their votes in the Senate would have no influence. They both voted to let DeVos pass the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee and proceed to the full Senate vote. They could have stopped her before.








Yes I think this was all planned out. They got the thumbs up from upper brass to vote No on the floor if they just put her through. It’s a win-win (sorta) for them.

I think what this shows is calls do not matter. They don’t. Every Republican Senator was flooded with calls, tweets, etc. They Did. Not. Care. Not one bit. They are not there for you. They are there for the themselves and/or the party. The only recourse we have is to show them the door come the next election. Problem is it’ll matter more in the primary than the general election.


She’s looking forward to working with churches across the country!



This makes me want to throw cow pies at an Amway sign.


Jimmy Stewart = Parents with children
John Wayne = DeVos or pick a republican I don’t really care


Well, I’m glad I don’t have children. Or any hope for the future. No disappointments!



President Trump blames crumbling public schools on lying media’s bad reviews for his new Trump Yosemite Paradise Hotel & Resort.



Not much to say here except…
I believe Trump’s first 100 days was the original script for the movie, “Idiocracy!”


If nothing else, her appointment means that four years from now Amway will have a massive crop of innumerate suckers signing up.


We’ll probably be required to buy our school equipment from Amway.



Serious question;

Are there any viable options for somehow overturning this confirmation?


Is Amway based in Texas?


Fuck this noise. Fuck the spineless GOP who took her money and hired an unqualified piece of shit to run our education system as a for profit factory for the ultra religious jackasses. Fuck the two GOP Senators who didn’t think she was qualified enough to vote for on the floor but copped entirely out of their fucking JOB in committee when they could have voted No then and blocked the moron. Fuck the Dems, too, just for good fucking measure.

No, I’m not letting this go quietly. I am a product of the public education system, put my children through it when my wife suggested private schools because I believed in it, and absolutely refuse to let them turn it into another for profit industry where the all fucking mighty dollar rules and the “consumers” of said service will get fucked over at every opportunity. Great schools for the rich, shit fucking failures for the poor who can’t afford the better service.

I need to smash something…


Are we looking for what Boxes we have left?