Trump radicalized teachers, now Republicans are saying they won't vote for the party anymore

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I wonder who Deana Sulwer is going to vote for. I’ll bet she still votes red.


As my granny, a 30-year public high school history teacher and farmer’s wife in rural Georgia, once said to me in the midst of the Reagan Administration, “I’ll never vote Republican, because Republicans have never done a damn thing for regular people.” She knew.


Pro-education is a conservative value? [Citation needed]
Her whole laundry list of “values” is just offensive to an anti-life, anti-family, pro-ignorance progressive like me.



Most of the public school teachers I know (and I run into lots) are Tea Party/Reagan Republicans, and when you probe, they can’t really answer why. They are inexplicably anti-welfare and anti-government, but when you ask how that squares with being dependent on public funding and property (wealth) taxation, they get very frustrated and start yelling. I suspect that teachers choose their politics AND careers because they’re so very, very bad at math.


It’s one of things that I wish conservatives would ditch is the whole anti-government thing and maybe take a page from GK Chesterton instead. Distributionism: we love Jesus but we really love to give the poor money. Note that modern conservatives won’t go that way because anything that implies that capitalism might be crappy is seen as “evil.” So they’ll keep doing the “Jesus luvs moneh and rich ppl” thing until they’re all dried up husks of irrelevance.


It could be if you think education is teaching people what to think.


The difference between a blue-collar criminal and a white-collar criminal is education. And I say this as a Flaming Capitalist!


I have some very wealthy second cousins* who are so stingy, my family looks at them as ‘ghetto’. They’re Bernie supporters. I don’t why, but people DO NOT make sense in their political affiliations.

  • Their dad married well.

It’s amazing she is even a teacher.

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The dog is cute! The guy… eh, not so much.

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Pro-education should be a bit like anti-murder. It’s just obvious. It doesn’t connect to politics unless politics have gotten really extreme and radicalized. I’m sure most conservatives in America think school is important for their kids.

This would be one of those things where people can probably find some common humanity across the political spectrum. I doubt very many Americans who vote Republican actually want public schools to be starved out of existence or want teachers to have to leave the profession because they can’t make a living wage. I’m very encouraged that some of them are realizing that these people they voted for are actually doing those things.


Some graduate to it.


My favorite teacher in HS was my chemistry teacher (40 years ago). He quit teaching shortly after I graduated and went to work for the steel mills because he could make more money in the mill. This has been going on for years and years. (he wouldn’t let me do an experiment involving radioactive isotopes and LSD on rats. ah well, probably just as well)


Dang…that was so complicated it hurt my brain!

Isn’t it inspiring what can be accomplished by someone who wasn’t ever considered for valedictorian?

An educated citizenry is modern movement conservatism’s biggest enemy.


HEY! There is no political party that likes when the peasants can do math in their head!


Yes, but in America there’s only one party that loses voters by that criterion.


I don’t disagree. However the people the modern American Republican party puts at the helm seem to be actively hostile to education in general, and public education in particular. So if education is a conservative value, I think it’s time to prove it with actions.

Edited to add: it’s heartening that this seems to be what the conservative teachers are doing, and yeah: that’s what this article is all about. But until the body of supporters get on board, and can bring some politicians with them, I don’t think they’re going to be able to do much.