Dewey Decimal jewelry

Some bookish jewelry and accessories from Etsy make good use of Dewey Decimal classifications, such as thependantemporium’s I still believe in 398.2 (fairy tales) pendants (see also). Then there’s writtennerd’s earrings made with Dewey numbers culled from real old hand-typed card catalogs (necklaces, too)! (via BookRiot) READ THE REST

I used to hang out in 621 and 625, myself.

More of an LCSH than a Dewy guy, myself

Never could commit that system to memory, but I remember looking under “ML” quite a bit.

I’m the proud owner of a Dewey wristcuffs and tie tack. As a Librarian, it’s the ultimate in formal wear!

Glad to see WrittenNerd is getting more exposure!

It’s worth noting that the Dewey Decimal system is a trademarked and copyrighted proprietary system, with online access costing $260/person/year.

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