This literary jewelry is made from vintage books

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Every time I see an art project like this, my first thought is that books are for reading, not destroying so you can make a pretty bauble.

My second thought is that if you fish a book from the recycle bin and repurpose it as a pretty bauble instead of sending it to be pulped, then that probably isn’t a sin. But it would still feel wrong to me to buy or own the bauble.


they don’t gotta burn the books they just remove em (to make jewelry)

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I can’t even throw out an old, falling apart, ruined paperback no one will ever read again without a major pang of guilt.

This would be like wearing mittens made out of dead kitten fur with decorations carved out the bones of stillborn children. (I.E., reallydifficult)


I might’ve mentioned this before, but a while back I had to make some false fronts to some bookshelves. I ended up going to a bunch of local charity and secondhand shops and getting loads of old romance hardcovers for free - on the condition that if I didn’t use them that I wouldn’t bring them back. Apparently paperback romances circulate just fine but hardcovers tend to just sit there, forgotten and unloved and taking up shelf space.

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I’m not a fan of killing books to make stuff that will end up stuck in a drawer.

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