DHS dismisses critics of its plan to assemble a hostility-sorted list of journalists and commentators as "conspiracy theorists"


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It’s not a conspiracy if it’s a policy directive.





The unmarked, black Blackhawk that flew over my house last week must have just been my own paranoia, along with the at least four other times it was terrain flying and I could clearly see its entire fuselage. Worthwhile aside: visual aircraft recognition was my expertise in the army and I tied for top out of 240 other gunners.


This doesn’t normal at all, and they need to do more explaining to pass it off as normal.

It’s normal for a large government body to monitor what is being said about them in the news for communications purposes (i.e. the NYT prints a story that you wasted $1B on a failed pilot of X, you need to be ready to speak to that).

  • This purpose is served by monitoring what is being said, not who is saying it
  • It is irrelevant whether the source is “hostile” or not if your goal is merely to share information or correct misinformation

I think this also shows the pernicious effect of Trump calling things “fake news”. If this is genuinely a non-story and the DHS is doing something totally non-sinister here, their ability to claim that by saying the reporting is inaccurate is completely undermined.


Just the tool I want to hand over to the most paranoid President since Nixon.

And the one after him, and the one after him…


Someone’s going on the ‘naughty’ list!


Well, obviously.
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