The activists behind #BlackLivesMatter are being monitored by DHS and cybersecurity firms

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How dare these people seek to change policing when policing has done so much for them!?! /s


Well that’s bullshit. Is anyone actually ok with this?


Ok, I am wondering just who is even somewhat surprised by this? This is completely to be expected when you live in a police state. Is it right? No. Should you expect this shit? Yes. Are you a fool if you do not go out and assume you are under surveillance if you protest anything at all? Yes.

It’s been a police state for decades. It’s just now it is more obvious.


Cops? The authoritarian minded? The Silent Majority? Assholes?


As a national security matter, I’m not surprised that DHS has taken an interest in these things. I’d love for the authorities to get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately, they don’t seem very interested in the ones who are actually performing terrorist acts on US citizens, and the nation is no more secure for it.


DHS? Is the FBI slacking these days? I thought they were usually all over activist groups. (Pardon me @anansi133, it was supposed to be a general reply to the thread.)


Bets that they are limiting themselves to merely “monitoring”?


DHS is a an unnecessary agency born of opportunistic 9/11 fallacy that will do anything to pretend to justify it’s tremendous budget which is making many of the “right” sort of Americans wealthy at the expense of all.

They share the mandate, birth parents and budgetary desperation of the TSA, but they’re in a much better position.

I’d have an exit strategy if I lived in any country with a fatherland, motherland or homeland agency proudly displaying the dark side’s ignorant xenophobia and all of the cunning parasites that stand beside it.


I’m an asshole. And I am not OK with this.

edit: #notallassholes


The Corps is Mother
The Corps is Father


Lauren Ashley: We don’t often see a sense of humor in Psi Cops.
Alfred Bester: Reports of our depression are vastly exaggerated.


Oh! Don’t forget racists! Betcha there’s a discussion thread somewhere cheering this on.


Not apparently anymore at those racist subreddits over at the reddit!

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I’m glad to know that the list of threats to national security in the continental US is so sparse that we can spare manpower to surveil conspiracies to obstruct car traffic.


Doesn’t matter. They’ve done it to every major political movement. Does everyone forget that undercover police inserted themselves into Occupy protest groups? This isn’t any different. The government will say it is to insure they stop violent groups, but in reality they just want to figure out how to dismantle said groups.

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It quite is. The main problem with terrorism is that there’s not enough of it for any reasonable chance to detect it.

Walk with eyes of a warrior and see we live in a security sieve. See where there are places with stored energy (fuel/gas tanks), choke points in traffic, critical infrastructure points. Spend dead times (whenever waiting in traffic or for a bus or for somebody…) trying to figure out attacks. It’s a good brain exercise and a boredom antidote.

The number of vulnerabilities together with the lack of corresponding frequency of incidents is rather telling. We are safe.


What about background checks for such groups? Can we find out some way to vet at least the critical members if they are not undercover? There is no way to prevent moles entirely but at least the professional infiltrators may have their lives made more difficult.

Can we leverage face recognition and have databases of known infiltrators/cops? How to make sure these cannot be used as an attack vector for neutralizing critical members by false accusations?


Hm, somehow I don’t think those people are going to give up and quit the internet.

True! their vitriol will live on in other places, I’m (sadly) sure.