Dial An Endless Parade of Monster for 98¢


I recall when I got caught busily pumping “gas” in the bathtub…

I used to have pay at least $5 a hit to dial an endless parade of really quality monsters. Marvelous age we live in, just marvelous, nnnyesss.

|puffs on bubble pipe|

Hm. The monster-kaleidoscope has me thinking in terms of Spore’s critter construction kit.

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the mysterious power of symmetry. Love this

Using my mighty powers of google-fu, I turned up this excellent blog post that even includes video of the toy in action:

The item looks a little different, but it wouldn’t be old-time mail order if the actual product matched what you sent away for.


Am I the only one experiencing some yonic apophenia staring at that alleged monster?

Up until a minute ago you probably were. Watch out for those teeth, though.

Among my least favorite contexts for dentition, that.

I had that toy and loved it. If you turn the large white nosecone, it changes the monster bits. If you turn the red pointy bit it would do colored swirls. I wonder if it is still around at my Dad’s house? I may have to do a cursory search when I go down to visit this weekend.

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I googled, saw one for sale, and bought it. Had no idea it was THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD.

Mark F., if you want, maybe we can talk Jim Woodring into providing art for a kickstarter new version, and I’d be glad to send it to him.

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Thanks, that video made the gadget “real!”

Thanks for improving my vocabulary! I had to check two dictionaries, but TOTALLY worth it. That one knocked my christmas mirth up a notch or three.

In answer to your question: no.
(They are everywhere!)

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