Dictators' favorite surveillance company hacked and exposed online

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Apparently done by the same group/individual behind the FinFisher/Gamma hack.


I wonder if anybody was tortured because of their product? I wonder if anybody died? But it’s an outrage if they get embarrassed on line.


Outrage? A reason for a minor celebration, I’d say! :smiley:

Nice to see glimpses of the world as it is, directly, instead of the prisms, lenses, mirrors and other optical components, and the clouds of dense smoke that make up the corporate press releases and political proclamations.

Also, viva la opened source. Let’s learn how the pros do it, to craft better defenses.

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Yea, sorry, forgot my sarcasm tag.

No problem, Anyway, I thought you are referring to somebody else being outraged.

…English. We need some sort of a language with better structure that would be less ambiguous. Lojban, or something like that. And then we’ll face the impossible, getting everybody to actually use it when the crude and lousy existing languages are rooted in so deeply…

Related article was pretty thin on material, I wonder if 400G of data loss comes down to Francisco opening the “EARN $5000 WITH THIS SIMPLE TRICK” docx file?

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Da Vinci… really? What did they do?


Coworker points to this line in data dump. Planting evidence? https://github.com/hackedteam/rcs-common/blob/master/lib/rcs-common/evidence/file.rb#L17

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Not necessarily. More like examples of the files to be intercepted. The same array with .sample extension is used with less conspicuous names for e.g. running processes (explorer.exe, firefox.exe, chrome.exe) and some other files (einstein.docx, arabic.docx), probably for testing or as defaults when there are no parameters.

Of course I am just guessing. On a brief look it seems to be an inventory gathering script written in Ruby, and I don’t really speak that language.

…and of course with write access to the filesystem it is possible to plant just about anything. But such attempt would be rather crude to be done this way; I’d see it done rather by an ephemeral, injected-to-RAM, process.

You realize that as far as I’m concerned, you’re a non-person and I’m not going to be replying to any of your comments. Since you keep replying to me, I figure that I should tell you. Your justification of things like the holocaust as acceptable (for the “greater good”), among other things, put you outside the pale of humans I’m willing to deal with.

Have a nice life.

Your loss. Others may like.

WTF just happened!?!?


Can you link to that?

It stems from a somewhat creative interpretation of me considering discussing rocket engines or radars with a random Operation Paperclip scientist more interesting than discussing injustices with a random social-justice warrior. And my general refusal of blanket condemnations and of jumping on the bandwagons-of-the-week.

I probably could as long as the comments weren’t purged. I’m not going to go do work for people though. Feel free to dig through the comments in his profile.

Shaddack is an Autism index individual (which there is nothing wrong with inherently) who rants at times about “social justice warriors” and people who discuss “privilege” as peeing in his pool. Why should he, a white man, have to worry about women and minorities in the areas he hangs out or his hobbies?

He’s made it clear that the future of humanity as a whole can excuse the actions of any scientist as long as their work is for the greater good. Illegal human experimentation by Nazis? Why, look at the data, sir! Look how much they expanded our knowledge! From what I can tell, her cares about results far more than ethics and he wants his white, privileged patch to be preserved and not to be bothered by women or minorities complaining about injustice in society.

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