Did thread avatars just switch from original poster to newest poster?


Am I smoking something? Should I smoke something? Has the hurdy gurdy poisoned my brain?


Let’s test this out, shall we?


Hm, still looks like you’re in the driver’s seat.


I’ll try one, too.


Seems ok to me.

Edit again: Ah, a mobile-only thing perhaps?




Yeah, I think it’s mobile only. Or they are just fucking with me again. Both are equally as likely.


Yeah, mobile only. On my phone I see the latest poster only, on my laptop I see original, latest, and a bunch in-between.


Yes, we switched to last poster on mobile a while ago. First poster is too static, imagine a topic with thousands of replies, having the same avatar for months…


(instantly hatches plan to post simultaneous response to every open topic & take screenshot of the board, realises can’t be bothered, carries on cleaning the house)


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