Changed topic jumping behaviour?

Can someone please tell me if I’m imagining things, or if the behaviour of Discourse changed?

On mobile, I could jump to the post of the person with the last comment (shown on the left) in the topic overview. A tap on the topic subject line jumped to the first post in case of unread ones, to the last one read in the case of previously visited topics.

Now, the person’s profile opens as an overlay.

I dislike this. The usability was great, and the current implementation is nearly useless. I might want to know who a person is after I read what they wrote, not before.

Can someone a) confirm this changed an b) tell of the same is happening on other platforms (desktop?).


Tapping on avatars now opens a user card on mobile (instead of instantly taking you to the user page), yes, but there were no changes to the topic list on mobile.

I am not quite following the rest of what you describe, can you share a screenshot?

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Sorry if I’m a bit opaque.

I was under the impression that tapping the avatar didn’t take me to the user page when in topic overview, i.e., here:

Instead, it took me to the users post in the respective topic, i.e. straight to the newest post.

This is all kinda broken for me today. I tap on @LutherBlisset’s image and a partial thing comes up, then I tap it again and any “back” requests are trapped.


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I have no repro on the above with my iPhone XS.

Let’s discuss tap areas, shall we? Here’s a helpful diagram, with descriptions.


  • If you tap on the avatar, you will get the pop-up user card. This works as expected for me and it isn’t interfering with the back button.

  • If you tap on the topic title or category, you will jump to your current read position in the given topic. (This tap area is xxxtra large because it is primary, this is the typical action we expect people to take in the topic list.)

  • If you tap on the post count you get a selector that lets you jump to top or bottom.

  • If you tap on the last post date you jump to the last post.

@ficuswhisperer I think the thing you are running into is specific to users who have chosen that freaky profile hiding option, and might be a bug but it is specific to that exact case. Try it with a different user that has a normal, non-hidden profile.


Seems to work fine with your profile.

I really don’t like that whole overlay though - I much prefer it go to a full page rather than make me go through two taps to get to the interesting stuff.

Huh. I don’t even get the avatars on the left showing who posted last.

Using Brave on:

Strange. I really wasn’t sure writing my question, but the longer I ruminate it the more positive I am that until today, tapping the avatar did what you described as tapping last post date.

Anyway, I can tap there, to get where I want. :slight_smile: Thanks.

As for the popup: I’m with @ficuswhisperer re:overlay.

As for the creepfactor: I only recently learned that this was an option. I can not try something which is new to me. Sorry. Bad habit. Also:

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It is entirely possible this was the case until the mobile user card rolled out! You’re not crazy!*

Prior to this, tapping avatar navigated you to the full user page which was kind of jarring (and almost always unwanted) so it would be logical to avoid that.

* well you’re not any crazier than usual, anyways

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You are not on mobile layout you are on desktop / tablet / laptop layout.


Seriously, bonus points. A lot of sites re-direct automatically to their mobile version as soon as they smell a mobile device, and I hate that.

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Well a tablet (of reasonable size) is basically a touch laptop with a magical pop up keyboard so we treat it the same.


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