Did you ever want to play questions?

Why did we stop playing that here?

Should we start again?

Yeah that is one to sit down and get out the popcorn for. Or possibly for lying down and avoiding?

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Are one of those “ban GMO avatars” clones?

How do answer negatively in the form of a question, and suggest I’d rather play Yahtzee, which I find incredibly boring?

Why do I not listen to advice like this?

It’s a hobby?


It certainly escalated quickly, didn’t it?

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Why am I so pissed off that may award did not get published in the department newsletter? Is that a stupid thing to be pissed off about? And Hurt?


Isn’t this one of those problems that can only be solved with the judicious application of alcohol?


And gasoline?


that is not stupid to pissed off and hurt about. and to keep from getting a donald, can we all agree that it sucks lemons?


Maybe a glass or two of wine won’t hurt later on? Did I mention the faculty member who puts the newsletter together is my advisor? Doesn’t that make it suck worse somehow?


Yeah, but advisors? I had trouble graduating collitch as it was discovered a month from that I didn’t fit the department requirements - and wasn’t my advisor for each of the 4 years the department chair?

[They had to create a special “English, concentration Critical Theory” category just for me.]


Ugh… Isn’t the whole bureaucracy of academia insane? But won’t a Kate Bush video with Donald Southerland cheer me right the fuck up?


Who is the Southerland you speak of?

Have you noticed that while the Offworld comments burn, the games in http://bbs.boingboing.net/c/games are thriving?

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Didn’t I mean Sutherland?

Sufferland? Haven’t we all been there?

Doesn’t @gilbertwham live there?


OMG, have you seen the CAH comments on facebook?!??