Diesel sings about "Sausalito Summernights"


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200 gallons from LA? That is some lousy gas mileage.


They are, in the song, in a Nash Rambler.


Always loved this song.

They could afford to pay for a lot of gas because they found someone to fix a blown gasket for only $80.


These guys were from the netherlands, they just made it all up in their imagination.


The Ramblers from 1966-1967 got somewhere around 30 mpg with a standard transmission. Considerably better mileage than anything General Motors was building, though not as good as the Nash Metropolitan, which pushed 40 mpg, but was a much smaller car.


You guys crack me up. I was hoping that this tune never came up again because I had to listen to that quite a lot when it was a pretty big hit, here in The Netherlands. So thanks but no thanks.


ah one of my 80s favorites. this, ‘Shakedown’ by Bob Seger, and…“Electric Youth” from Debbie Gibson.

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