Dig this awesome Peter Pan pop-up book


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Robert Sabuda - of course!!!

Check out his other stuff - Wizard of Oz one is great and America the Beautiful I’ve seen too:



Maybe you remember the lovely Christmas-themed pop-ups we have here at the old homestead, Dean? They are all Sabuda’s work: The Christmas Alphabet, The Night Before Christmas, and The 12 Days of Christmas. They are a simpler production, all-white pop-ups on dark backgrounds. Nice to know that someone shared this one with vacationers.


Please tell me how to rent a “geodesic dome vacation house in the woods.” That sounds amazing.

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Hasn’t Disney trademarked Peter Pan?

I think it’s out of copyright now for them, because I met the woman who was the model for Tinkerbell. She has a book out and signed prints of Tinkerbell - I cannot for the life of me remember why I was at this event, if maybe it was a just a coincidence I happened to be there when this person was signing things or if I went because I somehow knew the person hosting the event. Anyway, i seem to recall that part of the reason she is able to promote herself now as the “real Tinkerbell” is because of a copyright lapse.

She was pretty interesting, actually.

http://www.tinkerbelltalks.com/ - awful music plays on the site so mute first if you are at work.

Disney’s adaptation of Peter Pan is from 1953. It won’t go out of copyright until never. Congress has pushed back the public domain cutoff so many times now that it’s safe to assume that the public domain is dead, a relic of the past. Even if Congress stopped meddling with it, the Disney version of Peter Pan won’t enter the public domain until 2048, because obviously people won’t feel compelled to create anything if their great great great grandchildren can’t directly profit from it.

Robert Sabuda is one of many amazing paper engineers! My new book Playing With Pop-Ups (pub date May 1) features his work and the work of 20 other well known paper engineers. Thanks for your post!

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