Digital crap caliper blues

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Good vernier calipers are probably as accurate as the cheap digital ones, with some of the LCD digits just being fake accuracy. I would loved to have seen an introduction to vernier scales here, but thankfully we have Wikipedia.

It’s funny, we all three seem to have the exact same brand of cheap digital calipers - I’m from Germany - and I hate it when it’s out of battery power when I need it. Must be the one-size-fits-all global consumer model, brought about by people assuming that digital is always better, even if it isn’t.

You can attach a pair of wires to the battery holder, with a series resistor, and recharge the battery from some external power. Lousy and suboptimal but gives you some more minutes of operation.

I should try out a solar cell with a supercap…

Interesting concept, fake accuracy. Are you very certain? It doesn’t seem like it would be hard to test.
I’ve always seen cheap digitals being recommended as ‘good enough’ for a variety of layman uses but have no idea if a pro-grade one is actually more accurate or just better made, longer lasting, and nicer to use like so many ‘better’ grade objects.

what I meant is that while you can put as many decimal places on a digital measuring device as you like, that doesn’t necessarily reflect its accuracy.

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