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calipers in general are pretty cool.

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That beach-drawing robot has a full-sized laptop inside it to decide where to go, based on the GPS input.

If the decision-making is really heavier than what you can do on an Arduino or Pi, couldn’t you include a 3G shield on on the Arduino and offload the decision-making to a computer on the web?

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Calipers bring me miniature joy, but I prefer the non-digital Vernier type. I’m sure the digital ones are fine, and it’s not that changing a battery once a year would kill me, but there’s something really pleasing about measuring stuff to the nearest fiftieth of a millimeter with something that has only one moving part and will continue to work for centuries.



When did the 15 character limit change to 9 characters? And why 9?

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Well, that would add expense (both initial and service costs), introduce a likely point of failure, and make a lot more coding work. There was probably some software component that made it desirable to use Windows to save time and effort. And who doesn’t have one of those old netbooks lying around somewhere?

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…and when a large company make a crap design they don’t give you anything back

Are those linked calipers any good? they look suspiciously like a craptastic caliper from HF i have in my junk drawer.

I have no clue. I actually haven’t used any since college and manufacturing processes class, aka metal shop and we didn’t have fancy digital ones then. I think the only computer thing we had was one of the drill presses.

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