Dimmable LED light bulbs - $10 for 4

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I like my Cree bulbs. They don’t have the dimming range of some Phillips models but they’re still very good, easy to find, and quiet.

I’m using them with lutron radiora2 dimmers.

The last time i bought LED bulbs on your recommendation, they were utter crap.
One has already died, within a year of purchasing, and 2 of the remaining 4 flicker and buzz.

Please stop shilling for garbage products, or at least mark them clearly as paid advertising.
You’re really hurting your own credibility.

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Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. I, for one, welcome our new…actually, I don’t.

Just know what type of dimmer you have now before going down this road. Many older homes have rheostat dimmers, some have autotransformer dimmers, and modern homes use solid state dimmers.

I also very much like my Cree LEDs.

I will say last time I bought a 4-pack, one of them flickered starting about 6 months after I put it in a lamp. The company sent me a new one free of charge, they really do honor their warranty.

I discovered also that “dimmable” is not the same as “three-way”. I couldn’t figure out why my lamps were always so bright.

  1. This isn’t a paid advertising. Unless it’s from our store or actually says “sponsored”, then this is something the Author themselves has purchased (or otherwise recommends as stated).
  2. research products before you buy them. For some people, $10 LED bulbs are fine. Some people want to pay more for bulbs with longer warranties (I am in the latter group, but then I only need a few, not to outfit say a house with 20 sockets or something). It’s all down to the transformers apparently, and you get what you pay for with them.
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Look into the socket and you will see an additional “hot” contact point as compared to a simple ON/OFF socket.

A legacy 3-way incandescent bulb had a pair of filaments: a Low beam and High beam. When you cycle through the “clicks”, starting at OFF:

  1. Low only
  2. High Only
  3. Low & High combined
  4. Back to OFF

This is achieved without a dimmer, and a 3-way LED bulb follows the same pattern.

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To be fair to BB you can get Cree LEDs from big box stores like Home Depot. I picked up a 4 pack for $10 about 4 months ago and like them. Time will tell how well they hold up. They are in a bathroom that gets used everyday (showers so humid), so if I get a few years I’m happy. I learned with CFLs the electronic side really doesn’t love confined spaces or high humdity.

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