Dinner in the Sky is coming to LA in July


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I like these folks approach:


I don’t want to know how they handle anyone needing to go to the bathroom.


Sign of my age that that was the first thing I thought of.


For once I am not jealous of the rich. Nooope.


What if we don’t like waffles?


They probably use The Stadium Pal. “What’s that?”, you ask? Allow Mr. David Sedaris to explain:


What if you have to use the bathroom?


Well, chances are you already went on the way up, so it’s rarely a problem.


A million billion times HELL NO.


Suddenly and quickly drop the platform about one metre. I can guarantee that nobody will need to use the bathroom after that.


Wouldn’t it be more interesting if the earthquake that we’ve been waiting for decides it’s the time to rock and roll?

edf grammar


The wife’s first comment was “I’m not going up there with you – you’ll try to get that thing swinging”.


Isn’t that something that only the people down below have to worry about?


You answered before I could even ask. Could you be… the Kwizatz Haderach?


How much you wanna bet that if you asked the crane mfgr they’d tell you that the crane isn’t rated for lifting people? My understanding is that most crane mfgrs specifically state that their cranes are for material lifting only.


What a time to be rich and white!


It’s almost always a pretty good time for that.


Wow!!! It’s like eating in a restaurant with a great view, but it’s windy and you get to be strapped down with a five point harness!!!


They won’t take brown rich people’s money?

For a change, I am. This looks so fun. But if you have to listen to that gawdsawful music white you eat, possibly not worth it. Someone I know who did this in Vegas said it was about $300 a plate for him and his partner. So certainly an expensive meal, but not nearly the grand or so the article suggests. Though that was a few years ago. Perhaps the price has…risen?