"Glitchy" skyscraper debuts with spectacular light show


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I have to confess, the first thing I was reminded of was Humphrey Bogart & David Niven’s drunken plan to write to selected offices in skyscrapers asking them to leave their lights on overnight, thus spelling FUCK on the side of the building.


One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster.


“Got any ideas for the design of the new skyscraper?”

“All I’ve got is this old issue of Fantastic Four where some dimensional whatsit in the Baxter Building starts malfunctioning.”

“I love it!”


The bars are temples but the pearls ain’t free

aaaand now it’s stuck in my head. Thanks!


I think you’d want that in 4K but if it’s not their godspell then that’s ok I guess


One town’s very like another
When your head’s down over your pieces, brother


Just motivate some college kids… UCLA’s message to USC


Hm, I can imagen that this will get kinda tedious for everybody else in the city if they do it all night every night.
The tallest building in my city looks only like Minas Morgul at night ( https://origin.img.fotocommunity.com/commerzbank-tower-85204029-474d-4697-9cce-d6380b536b67.jpg?height=1080 ), and even that is annoying to some people.


If you look closely you can see Harrison Ford and his Flying Car.


much less exciting without music, which is how it looks it real life.


Shit, that building makes we want to fight for the users!




mmmm, just what the world needs. more headlines and column inches dedicated to lite-up phallic monuments to wealth inequality. Wake me up when they figure out how to make radiators work all winter in poor neighborhoods.


They already know. They just don’t care to.


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