Dinomania: The Lost Art of Winsor McCay, The Secret Origins of King Kong, and the Urge to Destroy New York

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Wonderful thing indeed!


A favorite McCay animation:

As part of his vaudeville act, McCay would draw onstage. He was very, very fast and a remarkable draftsman as anybody who has seen his comics can attest.


With his output, that guy should have gotten the mother of all- I was going to say writer’s cramps- cartoonists cramps I guess. He’d be legendary if all he did was Sunday pages, but he did Sundays and dailys and multiple strips. And his work was intricate. I love the self mocking way he would pretend to have poorly planned his word balloons, so the words would barely fit.


It is amazing how prolific he was. And how consistently interesting the work was, largely due to the intricacies of the work. I could easily enjoy ten more books along these lines. I only wish his former homestead was turned into a museum. http://www.cartoonbrew.com/cartoon-culture/winsor-mccays-hell-house-20873.html

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