Disappearing car door technology not yet widely adopted

It was cut specifically to appeal to Ford executives, hence the modified Lincolns.


Well, it can certainly be dinged but it can’t dish dings out. Only a plus if you can convince everyone else to have these doors, too.


Came here to mention the Darrin, but you were on top of it. See Season 2 around episode 3 of the Man in the High Castle for some driving examples.

Oh, yes. And under certain conditions, it could dump passengers who are not strapped in.

The Z1 is similar, but whatever design they’re using doesn’t leave the same opening as the Lincoln. The remaining door sill is still pretty high, compared to a normal door. Same idea, different execution.


The Jaws of Life really really don’t care how your door opens, because any panel gap is now a door, and it opens the way the Jaws of Life want it to open. That is an absolutely breathtaking piece of equipment.

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Please do be explaining why this is such a terrible idea. There are downsides, I’m sure, but upsides as well. Everything is a trade-off.

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