Idiot fights car


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And here I thought Looney Tunes wasn’t producing any really good content recently


What’s that he’s hanging out of, a Toyota? Maybe an Audi?
Whatever it is, I don’t like the way the door opened… or could he have activated it with his knee?
Weird all round, in any case.


I think it’s a Civic.


See, moments just like this are why cars used to have push-button door locks.


Moments like this are the reason for child-proof safety locks


Google concurs:


This is why I lock my doors while driving.

…So I don’t fall out while being an asshole.



Wow, the production value of Jackie Chan movies has really gone downhill.


In all fairness, those were some sick break dancing moves at the end there.


This is obligatory.


“Drive me closer! I want to hit them with my fist!”


You know - you could try not being an asshole. Even with open doors.


Okay. But I’m still keeping the doors locked.


I see a bright future for those guys.


Tuck and roll, tuck and roll.

Just what the hell was this guy thinking? He couldn’t have believed any good would come of this stunt.


Mal’s response here comes to mind:

Specifically it would seem to be he missed basic physics.


In fairness, the car was being kind of a dick. It’s lucky it didn’t get its headlights punched out.


Man vs. Car: