Toddler locked inside Maserati figures her way out with help from mom and dad

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Toonces the Cat… eat your heart out.

Oh Ho Ho! Good memories…

I remember when the valet accidentally locked my toddler in my maserati… Or was it the ferrari?
I can’t recall. How droll.


Named after the city where the parents laundered their first million.


Ugh. A Maserati is a Ford in a party dress. Everyone involved is some kind of an idiot.


Good to know that a six-figure luxury car doesn’t have the same safety feature my fifteen year old Toyota does.


Toddler, for the first time, being encouraged to press all the adults’ buttons.


Since it was a Maserati you could just wait a few minutes until the door falls off.


London comes out of lockdown. Perfect timing.


Maybe is a Fiat in a party dress.
And I think that someone working in the Grugliasco factor has surely to disagree.

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I agree that the Maserati marque has earned a place in the realm of motoring, but think it has slipped substantially from its perch. And I may well have the corporate ownership mixed up, but had believed it to have been a Ford marque. Thanks for the correction.


well on the way to creating electronic weapons for dad’s massarati

Proving once more you can be wealthy but still be too stupid to tie your own shoes safely let alone be allowed to raise children.

Never ever leave the keys in the car if you’re not in it (This is so patently obvious as to not even need enunciating) and…hey, why not get a second set made if there’s two of you? If you can afford that car, that hotel and the future cost of therapy for naming your kid London, you can afford an extra key.

If you are having an adventure, it usually means something has gone badly wrong and it was probably your planning or lack thereof.

A laser pointer would have come in handy.

Yeah, but a Ford is a Subaru in a pair of overalls.

I don’t even own a car, but even I know how valet parking works.

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How is it that a car this expensive doesn’t have an app that can unlock the doors for you? My last 2 Hyundai Sonatas both had this and they didn’t even cost $25,000.

Not much of a bargain in luxury brands these days, is there?

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Is going to fill a gap between top-notch Alfa Romeo cars (I think that the engine and drivetrain used on Maserati models is also available on some Alfa Romeo models, only a bit souped up.
Fiat brand il the economy brand.

Besides Ford Mustang is sold in Italy too, actually I’ve seen more Mustangs than Tesla


Except the two-year-old.