Watch how this baby boy, locked inside a car with the keys, figures a way out


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My daughter at 22 months locked herself in an RV with the keys. We got her to hang the keys on a hook we lowered from a vent.


It is almost like they can understand us. Kids are such weird little animals.


“All right, put the key in the ignition. Good boy! Now turn it… turrrrrrn…”


Yeah, he’ll be drivin’ by next week.


Seems like he could have done it a bit more urgently, but he was enjoying the attention.


Clever kid. Good on the adults for not losing their heads.


Do we know where this takes place? Sounded like Turkish to me, but I could well be wrong.


He was probably confused as to why they would want him to get out of that hot-ass Audi RS.

Not sure it’s an RS. My son would know…


Yes, kudos to the adults. The best my older brother could do was to teach my nephew to stick a finger up his nose when he wanted a laugh.


Should’ve just showed him some candy. That would’ve got him out much sooner. :slight_smile:


Had the kid been unable or unwilling, there’s a hack for that:


I thought the same thing. And the gentle, confident, polite and non-paniced grandfatherly guys also reminded me of one of my favorite things about Turkey.

A highly recommended tourist destination for traveling with kids. It was like all of Istanbul was babysitting my kids for me.


I presume the weather wasn’t warm, had it been there definitely would’ve been a need to smash a window because a car will reach high temps very quickly. I’m quite glad that they didn’t have to worry about that and could try to convince the kiddo to open the door himself.


Big deal. I could probably do that in half the time.


Mine lost all concept of communication at the age of 13.


how are you going to hold a radio up to the key when the key is in the car?


Agreed. I think that is probably what @DerekChan was referring to as well. The people in the video were wearing coats and the sky appears overcast, which suggested to me that the car’s interior probably wasn’t in danger of growing too hot too quickly.


Well ok, but he gets caught in the end. If he’d been an octopus he would have unscrewed the sun roof and made good his escape down a nearby storm drain.


It’s in Turkey, and the number plate’s 34 for Istanbul. Small crowds gathering around kids interacting with them is nothing uncommon there, and the kids are allowed a lot.
Edit: I’d say this is at Atatürk international airport, where you’re actually not allowed to park for picking up someone.