Kid gets head unstuck from fence bars

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Is his name “Joey” or “Johnny?” The mom seems to refer to him by different names…

(I guessed the solution though, just before he come out. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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love love love the empathy the dog keeps showing - lifting foot, tilting head.

dogs are awesome.


Okay, that was great! I still do not get people who turn cameras on kids in these situations, but it was pretty darn good.


“Son, God help us, I love you, but when He was handing out brains, well, you had your head stuck in the fence.”


I love kids.

Holy crap.

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I assumed the solution would be to turn upside down, then get his head back through forward. Ears only go one way.
Helpless Dad was helpless. He should have to watch this every Father’s Day.

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F this mom and her laughing. Good on this kid for not being terrified by the situation, like most other kids would be. And even better that he figured it out, although the video cuts out just before, meaning they probably didn’t get him on video getting out, or they figured it out for him, but then had him ‘do it again for the camera’ so they could have a great video to share. sorry, I’ve been on the internet for way too long, so now I question everything.

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i actually guessed that was how he was going to get out, because i did the same thing and got out the same way when i was probably his age. rite of passage, kid, rite of passage.


Didn’t we have another video just like this, a few years ago? I swear I can remember it, but it wasn’t the same video, it was much shorter, and EMTs were involved.


Actually, my assumption was that the whole thing was staged, but i didn’t really care because the kid was a great actor if so.

For those who think we are over regulated, those bars would be out of code at least here in NJ. Can’t have stair balusters far enough apart for kids to slip through.

I just figured she was one of those folks who laughs then they’re nervous, until you cleared up her black-hearted villainy for me.


Yeah i definitely remember this.

Well here’s one but no EMTs:


There’s a metaphor or three in here somewhere.

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Gosh, there’s only one entry under the ‘parents laughing at their kids distress’ tag. That’s too bad!

Children are born broken.

The whole thing shrieks, ‘staged.’ The kid wasn’t bad, and the dad was ok, but the mom is a horrible actress and the ending was kind of telegraphed.

IKR? Silly me didn’t foresee the eureka moment, but at least I thought of taking off my belt and pulling the left bar against the support…

I remember this one – i think from here

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