Emergency team rescues girl whose fingers got stuck in a shopping cart

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I have reached the age where my first thought watching this was “I would have to pee long before they freed me.”

[furtively pushes shopping cart into restroom]


Totally thought this was going to be a toddler.


Man Hands

So you don’t have to watch it:

15 seconds (looped three times) of teen wiggling her stuck fingers, having an icepack applied, and emergency personnel freeing her with a pocket hacksaw like the one I keep in my car’s toolbox.

All of this, backed by olde-timey piano music.


I have a friend and they were vacationing in Germany and the Toddler got his head stuck in a bridge’s wrought iron fence and they had to cut him out with the jaws of life.


User error!

When I was a kid (1980-ish) my friend’s sister got her head stuck between the limbs of one of the fake trees in a McDonaldland park. Poor girl was freaking out.
The fire department had to come rescue her, under the watchful gaze of Mayor McCheese and Officer Big Mac.


Too bad it was at a clothing store rather than a supermarket. You’d have ice, butter and/or lard right there.

And if worst came to worst, maybe there would be an office supply section with rubber bands or twine to force some blood back through the holes by wrapping the fingers tip to palm.

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When life and art imitate each other…


At least it wasn’t a giant fake cup of coffee. /s



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