Teenager writes about the time she got her head stuck in a pumpkin


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A few months later I squeezed myself into a laundry basket during a game of hide-and-seek and became hopelessly jammed.

I think this may be a fetish that she just hasn’t fully come to terms with yet.


“I can’t get it out!” I roared, my voice sounding unnaturally loud in the enclosed space.

Roger That!




Maybe she tried this method to design the jack-o-lantern?



If the US had stuck with the British tradition of turnip carving this would have never happened.


Which came first, the turkey or the . . . . turkey? I guess it’s an obvious joke, but seeing this I immediately think, “well, if they’re gonna steal, at least they stole from the best.”


Not according to Baldrick…

His dream turnip!


Mr Bean is comedy gold


I always wondered “Why the hell didn’t they just make the hole a little bigger?!?”


Are you talking turkeys or pumpkins? Or something else entirely?:thinking:


Pumpkins of course.

You just bake the turkey and it will slip right off.

Hmmm, that does read a bit risque now that I look at it again… :slight_smile:


Experience: I got a fidget spinner caught in my throat.

Experience: The time I ate a Tide Pod.

Experience: I got stuck in a clothes dryer.


Was it spinning at the time? That would be an impressive experience…


I hold that there is nothing wrong with frottaging in public.


There are easier ways to learn how a pawl and ratchet works.



I don’t know how this turned out, but I hope to gawd they did not call the fire department.


Pumpkin writes about the time a piece of itself got stuck in a teenager’s throat


Apparently her brother can carve his, or a, belly button. Into a pumpkin, I think.