After six months of sickness, 5-year-old blows safety pin from nose

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this is what comes of having a punk sofa in your house people!


Had to take a rock out of the kids ear TWICE. The first time it was noticed by the pediatrician at the checkup. It was in so deep that we had to schedule for it to be removed. Luckily the second time he figured out what he did and I was able to just wiggle his ear to get it out as it wasn’t jammed in there all that far.

I can see where this particular instance would be very frustrating though.


I hope people can understand that this can happen to their children and that it doesn’t make their children stupid for doing it

I’m sorry ma’am, but your child is definitely a … pinhead.


My (then) four year-old and a friend spent arts and crafts time at preschool one day sticking plastic beads in their noses. Fortunately, they all came out without fuss. I totally feel for those parents.


When I was in second grade I saw an educational show that talked about batteries and how they drain if the positive and negative ends are shorted. So, being brilliant, I formulated a test to see if a house worked the same way. Stuck a paperclip bent like a C in both ends of a wall socket. ZOT! and “short the house” it did indeed.

…and I turned out just fine!


What is your point?
Maybe only the kid knows?



Powell also told UPI that she’s getting “some of the most horrendous hate mail in regards to my parenting skills.”

Great. Thanks for this latest edition of People In General Suck.

You would think anybody who has ever had a kid, or ever been a kid, would understand exactly how this happens, but apparently no.


Could you sign us up for a class in humor?


knows = nose = joke perhaps


I think I could have done without seeing that pic…


What really? A rusty safety pin? Possibly snot covered? Enh.
I mean I know people have all levels/types of ick factor but that one comes across as quite tame to me and if you are a parent this is gonna be the type of thing you will deal with in one form or another.

ETA not that you should not be grossed out… just struck me as odd in this case.


And now for another tale from, “How we scar our children.

My daughter years back toddled up to my wife and me and said, “Button nose.” To which my wife replied, “You do have a little button nose.” I laughed and nodded. Our daughter repeated urgently, “Button nose!” And we approved of her assessment. At this point she started to cry hysterically.

A few minutes later my wife had removed two small shirt buttons from her nose with tweezers.


Safety pin in the nose?

That’s a stuck up little prick.


You probably won’t have to do that until you get your first job, kid. Enjoy your innocence a little bit longer.


I bet it was really satisfying when she ejected the pin. For a couple of years I was dogged by the sensation of a blockage in my ear, which led to me probing around in there with a series of increasingly unwise instruments. I was hoping I’d someday dislodge a peanut-sized wad of impacted wax, which would have been the worst most amazing thing ever.


I considered using “nose”, but thought a pun following a pun would have worked just fine. I guess my joke just blows, not the first time someone told me my humor sucks.



Ah well, I’m not a parent so maybe my power in resisting the Ick doesn’t get much of a work out. :wink:

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One of my uncles is a family doctor and was doing emergency room shifts when he first started out. One day, a frantic mother brought her 5 year old son into the ER and was very alarmed “he stuck a slice of Bologna up his nose and we cannot get it out!” My Uncle looked at the nurse and said, “Bring me the bilateral Bologna extractor.” The nurse gave the kid a Kleenex and my uncle ordered him to blow.