How to safely get a tiny object out of your child’s nose


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Being a parent has its rewards.



And when your little bonobo’s eardrums pop, you get to sue the internet for malpractice!

I always got out the eggbeater and approached my son with slowly rotating blades. It’s amazing how fast he got those little toys dislodged all by himself! After that, he never needed adenoid surgery!


What? You can’t just squeeze it out?


From World’s Dumbest Record Breakers 5. The guy sets a record for putting 18 quarters in his nose. At the end, Danny Bonaduce finally gets the quarter out of his nose by tweezers! Enjoy! HAPPY 30TH VIDEO!


I’m gonna tell ya… EVERY. PARENT. EVER. has done that to their baby, at least once. Usually after a particular long stretch without sleep.


This is much better than the Stevie Nicks method.


I use forceps.



Oh my god, I haven’t! And now the kids are too old!
Good thing my wife’s expecting…


that advice would have saved a lot of time and a fairly embarrassing visit to the emergency room…. sigh


It only works to get things out of people’s noses. Let the midwife do it the traditional way.



Can’t hurt to try!

Or, rather, can’t hurt more to try…


Years from now, that kid is gonna see this, and ask his dad, “Why?”



and if you do it just right they’ll be able to exhale cigarette smoke through an eye socket!
neat trick at teenage parties… specially when it’s a bunch of acid-heads.