Kid yanks tooth out of her own mouth with help from a slingbow


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Typo in second sentence: he instead of she.


Fixed. Thanks!


Just showed the video to my daughter. She was unenthusiastic … :smile:


My favorite dad-of-the-year tooth extraction is still via Estes rocket.


I tricked my daughter into trying the string-tied-to-door-and-tooth approach. Once.

She now knows to trust adults less :smiley:


That is one awesome dad!


Yeah. I tried the doorknob trick once. But was too much of a wimp to follow through. So, sick of my interminable 7-year-old whining, my dad grabbed me by the arm, dragged me out to the garage, got a pair of needlenose vise grips, held me down and pulled the tooth out himself.

After that, I just used a pair of pliers on my own each time I had a loose tooth. Turns out the pain (for me) was all psychosomatic, and just using a tool occupied my mind enough to not “remember to feel the pain”.


Best bit is how you can see her checking the now empty spot with her tongue before the exulation starts. Very cute.


Tried chasing daughter round the house with pliers too, but she wasn’t enthusiastic about that solution either. It did stop the whining though — she’s pulled the more recent ones out herself with no fuss. :slight_smile:


Yeah, the thing is, it’s easy to trick a 7 year old with ADHD. They tend to be pretty inattentive to things. Like, your dad sneaking up withing grabbing distance.


She would trust you more if you had waited until the tooth was loose.


But… You’ll never become a pro dentist without first being an armature! :wink:



Indeed. Mind you, this is the same daughter who managed to rip a tooth out of her head opening a twist-top bottle of coke (lid too tight, so she used her teeth … like she’d seen dad do :no_mouth: )

Luckily it was a baby tooth.


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