Watch: Silly dog thinks he's stuck behind a fence, forgetting all about the gap next to him

Originally published at: Watch: Silly dog thinks he's stuck behind a fence, forgetting all about the gap next to him | Boing Boing


But he’s so happy when he finally figures it out!


“Uuuh, but I not 'lowed that way, master.”

Fergods sake, ya dum pup. The chains are in your mind. Free yourself.

I would say no cat would stand for that, but actually I know at least one (Jennie, daughter of Blackie) who had to be show where her dinner was every morning or she would not eat. Go figure.


Bright enough to stand by the gate, what a good dog.


Uhhh - cute video, but if you’re pool area isn’t actually fenced in, you are risking having a dead kid. :confused:


Dogs are so dumb.

your right

When my niece was 3 and couldn’t swim, she turned and ran away from us back to the pool we had made her leave and dove in to the deep end. There was a fence, but somebody opened the gate for a cute kid. I had to run and jump in to pull her out. She was halfway to the bottom by the time I got there. She is fine, and is still terrifically stubborn and fearless. Before that, I always thought fencing in a public pool was just a hassle. Definitely not


That was cute; I laughed.


I had a border collie that smart once. He had about 20 or so toys, all named, and he could retrieve them all by name from another room, just like Chaser did in that video. It blew my mind the first time I saw him do it (I didn’t have him from a puppy, he was 7 when I came into his life). What really blew my mind was he had a few balls that were all identical except for color. And their names were just red ball, blue ball, and green ball, and he could also correctly retrieve those on command. Border collies can be freaky smart.


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