Chihuahua who sees other doggos having fun scales tall fence in 12 seconds flat

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Funny since my dogs are entirely perplexed by a chair on its side at the top of the stairs.


I have two dogs. One is a Houdini. He can open every unlocked door in the house. When we lived in a house with a back yard, he figured out how to open the gate, so I had to lock that. Then he figured out a way to squeeze through a gap. A baby gate, however, that isn’t even attached to anything, stops him every time. I just lean it against the doorway, and he can’t get out. Well…he easily could. He could just knock it over. But he won’t. He’s absolutely petrified of the baby gates. He once tore the shit out of part of a chain link fence to get out, but a $20 cheap plastic unsecured baby gate is his kryptonite. The other dog, who weighs 80 lbs, is also flummoxed by the probably 3 lb baby gate.


They could be a different family’s dogs.

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I can practically hear the Mission: Impossible music. Proof that Tom Cruise has gone so clear, that he’s been Preincarnated as a Chihuahua.


24 Epic Walking Through The Glass Door Fail GIFs - The Wondrous


Yeah the bigger one would probably do that. He’s very good on a leash. One day, I unhooked the leash from his collar while still holding onto his collar. Then I let go of the collar. He wouldn’t move, and looked at me as if to say, “Why didn’t you unhook me?” He finally, and very tentatively, started to walk away, looking very confused. He’s not the smartest border collie I’ve ever seen. He might be the dumbest.


Maybe he just wants to be good!

ETA: That’s going to be my new excuse when I do things that are obviously not well thought out.


I would like to believe that. I don’t, but I would like to. He’s a sweet boy, and usually a good boy, but he’s also very strong willed and stubborn. He likes things his way and on his terms.

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same for us — our “gate”at the bottom of the stairs was the box for the gate … we used the real gate in another part of the house (two gates - one price!)

The shelter I got my dog from told us he could climb a chain link fence. I haven’t seen it, but I do believe it.

They also said he liked to be crated, which wasn’t true. Second week we had him, he chewed through the metal bars to make a hole and completed shredded the plastic bottom. We never crated him again, or course. So he is definitely an escape artist. He can also chew through a leash in less than 15 seconds if he feels like he needs to.

Now, he’s old and has no desire to leave exactly wherever he happens to be.

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