Watch this Great Dane open a child barrier with his teeth


I especially appreciated the dog’s consideration in returning the latch to the shut position. You could almost see the wheels turning in his mind, looking first at the forbidden area and then back at the gate.


“You could have stepped over it, you’re so big.” Sure, marathon runners could just drive the 26 miles in a car, too. It’s the challenge and the achievement that matter to this wiley hound.


I noticed that too. My guess is that the dog had an experience with coming back to the gate and finding it had swung shut. He figured out that if the re-latched it, he was essentially locking it open so he didn’t have to go through the whole process again.

Smart dog.

The Wadsworth Constant applies.

I once had a dog that could easily jump over the child gates we used, but was deathly afraid of the clatter they made if they fell so she wouldn’t go near them. Of course, they weren’t attached to the wall like this one… probably would have had a lot more trouble with it if they were.

Meh. I have this same gate, and for the record there are two levels of locking, and this one only appears to locked at level 1. My son was just over 12 months old when he was able to unlock that. Now show me a Great Dane who can open the level 2 lock and I’ll show you a Great Dane with opposable thumbs…

Wow, Xeni, you consider that gentle biting?

Danes are lovely dogs. But they’re not really house dogs. Their tails are whips, if one runs past you and whips you with their tail…you get a bruise.

Inside the house everything at tail level on tables is soon on the floor.

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Train him to shut the gate after himself, THEN you’ll have something…

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They are house dogs. And they make great dogs for apartments. Because they are so large, they don’t need much exercise.

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Did I hear “you asshole!” in the background as he walks through the gate?

Yep. I had to replay it to make sure it didn’t come from outside my headphones.

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