My Great Pyrenees apparently wants to go outside


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Nemo is such a good boy! :slight_smile:


See that thing that looks like his tongue? It’s really a thumb.


I can sympathize. I changed almost every door handle in my mom’s house from lever-type to knob-type because her cat was constantly opening them - even the screen door, after he got past the front door.


This is what happens when you have a horse for a dog.


He does part of the work–opening the door–but with that last look he’s asking you to step up and do your part. How could you refuse an order from Captain Nemo?


A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of. - Ogden Nash


The Rum Tum Tugger is a terrible bore…


He opens knobs too, fit right in that mouth.


I think maybe he wants you to go outside. So he can continue rummaging in peace.


A few years back, the National Zoo in DC got a new elephant enclosure. There are two big yards separated by a gate. As I walked past when I started my visit, the Elephants were all gathered around the gate, impatiently waiting for it to open. A few hours later, as I was leaving, they were in the other yard, gathered around the gate, impatiently waiting for it to open. That was when I realized that “Elephants are just giant, hairless cats.”


Neither of my shepherds showed any interest or aptitude at opening doors or drawers, thank goodness.

The new GSD does knock over the kitchen trash can now and then, but that’s not even trying.


“No drawer, cabinet or pantry is immune to his rummaging.”

This is what locks and child proof drawer/cabinet latches are for. A friend of mine had cats that would constantly get into all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen looking for food if you weren’t keeping an eye on them. Their fix was to put latches on everything, which is really inconvenient but it’s better than the alternative of having a pet get into everything.

It’s also a hazard to the pet if they get into something and start eating or chewing on random stored things. Could be pills, food or an item that is toxic to them.


When I lived in Minneapolis ages ago, the guy in the apartment above me had a wolf-hybrid… Levar, the wolf-dog, was probably Nemo’s height, but not his mass - he was all legs. Levar was incredibly smart and persistent – he could (and would) open everything. He had to keep everything locked down - the fridge was padlocked.


I have child proofing, from when my kid was wee, and many of the drawers/cabinets lock as the house was once a “vacation home” and rented out by the prior owners. Not a barrier to Nemo


Pretty persistent pup. I’m sure one could find more secure ways to keep things closed but i can’t imagine it’d be convenient. The homes i’ve been at that had child proofing everywhere sort of drove me crazy.


I’m swapping doorsets with ones that lock on the inside for rooms i need to blockade:)


Hopefully the dog won’t scratch up or damage doors over time from trying to open them. Training classes and/or those treat puzzle toys may be needed? I dunno


We got one, a sliding hatch lid kind of gadget.
It confused our new pup for about five minutes, if that long.

It is pretty well made though. I imagine it will be part of my estate.


I blog quite a few puzzle toys. The floors are visibly destroyed through two generations of my best friend. The wall had to be patched as before nemo learned to mouth the doors open he pounded until wall until the latch popped or i woke up. He was trained out of that.

Training a pyr is also dissimilar to other dogs.