Man builds fence to restrain his dog. It doesn't work


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He needs a “special” dog…




Should’ve used those 6ft or so privacy fences, doubt the dog would have the gumption to make the escape on something that tall (though some dogs have if you look online).

Great timing on the dog’s part making her escape when he was done putting it up :smiley:


You show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder at the border. That’s the way the border works.

– Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano


He literally used vertical video.



(Can’t you hear me yell-a…)


LOL - what was he thinking - a 4’ fence wouldn’t stop my 20 lb beagle/dachshund mix.


Based on the animated gif, I was assuming the joke was that the dog simply teleported through the wall…


The pointed fence tops are also brain dead - it’s not going to deter a dog, but could cause a nasty injury if they mistime the jump.


He literally used vertical video on a low, wide subject.


I wonder if you could still keep the fence relatively low, but put an outcropping, like the Japanese fences in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Though you may just end up with a dog sunbathing on top…


When I was young, my family had a medium sized mutt named Pepper. We built a 6 ft wooden privacy fence to keep her in the yard. The first time we put her in the enclosure, she jumped to the top, with half her body over the wall. Then she used her back legs to claw her way all the way over the top.

We took the fence down after a 80-year-old tree fell on it.


My brother used to have a chow/cocker spaniel mix that was quite the escape artist. After a couple of different styles of fences failed to contain the dog, my brother installed one of those invisible fence/shock collar things. It worked great … for about a month. At that point, the dog realized that, while the shock was painful, it wasn’t deadly, and the pain stopped once he got through the fence. Eventually, unfortunately, my brother had to just give the dog up. He was completely untrainable, uncontainable, and was terrorizing the town.


Jesus Christ, Fenton!

(it never gets old)


…and then he built his fence in landscape mode instead of portrait. No wonder the dog got out!


It looked fine when viewed on my phone :wink:



My old dog once jumped the fence of a dog park, where it bordered someone’s back yard. My guess is that Kira saw a cat or squirrel through a gap and decided to go after it. 80 lb dog, 5’ fence. Jump, hook paws, pull.

I ran up, peeked over, and couldn’t see her int he yard. I was getting ready to ask for help from the other dog owners when Kira appeared at the gate of the dog park. She’d walked out through the yard, out of the subdivision it was in, and along the main road.

Even though the dog park gate was no where near as high as the fence she jumped, she waited impatiently there for me to let her back= in.


my mother and I had a boxer that would happily stay with the neighbor’s dog behind a 6 foot fence while we were away. of course, when we got home, we just had to call for him and he’d jump over to us.

he was a good old dog.