Gentleman proud of fence that will (not) contain his dog


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I am literally in tears here!!! :joy:


Hair Jordan strikes again. I know EXACTLY how this feels. Fucking dogs.


Greater efforts have failed.


That one is hilarious. I saw this and the video below at about the same time.


That old dude can run!


that couldn’t have been timed better even if he had planned it that way.


Video blocked in my country on copyright grounds. Is that why the fence did not (so I am led to believe) block the dog - lack of fence copyright?


I’ve uploaded a copy to Vimeo:



This seems familiar. Are we sure it’s not a re-post from last year?



(Fence just needs 2-3 feet of trellis added above it.)


Not as fast as Fenton. Or the deer.


That’s a classic. I laugh every time I see it.



I knew I smelled re-post! Thanks!

Not that I mind, mind you. It’s a crowd-pleaser.


I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s fake, because it’s timed just too perfectly to be real. But it’s funny either way.


Fake a year ago. Fake now.


O ye of little faith!

I think somebody needs to forward this to President Kushner.


It would take a dog about 10 mins to tunnel under that fence with that big gap at the bottom.


My girlfriend and I put up a 3’ high fence to keep her dog in her yard. That didn’t stop the dog, so we added a foot to the fence. What we ended up doing was teaching the dog to jump over anything that was in her way, including the 6’ fence we ended up with. Moral of the story? Make sure your fence is tall enough so that the hound isn’t even tempted to try.