What is the purpose of this ridiculously narrow fence?


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Well there’s the base of a hinge on the right. I’m guessing that at one time there was a pair of gates here, the left side for a car and the right for the (now overgrown) walkway. My further assumption is that the previous owners had a dog, thus the gate blocking the driveway. (because those are a pain)


It’s really the best fence for keeping the skinny Mexicans out of the US, believe me. /Trump


Or possibly that’s as much wall as the Mexicans are willing to pay for. Or, considering Trump’s repeated non-delivery on promises as a businessman, all the wall that we’re likely to get.


Clearly it’s blocking the interdimensonal portal to Flatland.


This is an homage to tRump’s Mex/US wall, I like what it says too.


I would like to imagine that there is a similar one, or perhaps a long run of fence, on the other side of the paved area, behind the person taking the picture and the pair act as stanchions upon which a rope, cable, or arm attaches to keep out cars (or lock them in). The person just used fencing because they either had a surplus of fencing on hand, or they are a fencing contractor and it’s what they know.

My other guess is that this is a sample at a fencing supply company. right?Right?RIGHT?


The result of an insufficiently specific fixed-bit contract.


A spite fence, to go with your spite house.


If you really need to ask, you would never understand.


This piece is a statement about the futility of strong borders, and the nature of barriers being built physically or ideologically.


What he got after the contractor demanded payment up front


And a dambed good thing for it too! Remember last time… shivers


The fence is actually traveling at a significant fraction of the speed of light and has undergone Lorentz contraction. Yes.

Some kind of property line marker, I would expect.

Makes me think of this image:

  1. Practice fence for someone who is learning how to make them,

  2. vestigial fence, this is all that’s left of a larger fence that was removed (or is planned),

  3. half-assed property marker, to show neighbor where to stop mowing,

  4. is this at the end of a driveway? Maybe they used leftover fence materials for a mailbox post.

(Need more info, photos of surrounding locale.)


It’s what you get after giving your fence too many diet supplements. It’s a Fen-Phen Fence.



To mark a property line?


I’ll bet it involves keeping kaiju out.


Does anybody got a dime?