Disco trucks of Japan


Simply the one mode in which he operates.


Looks more like Daft Punk’s tour bus.


But he is so good at it. Why change? I love the character he plays.


NSFW (Lyric-wise)


No, you’re just remembering the 19A0s version.


Have you been to Robot Restaurant?


They’re amazing to see, especially embedded in the density of tiny cars that make up most of Japanese traffic.


Considering what they do to scooters, I’d want to see these trucks unfolding and powering up.


Wait. Truck?

Never mind.


Jesus that’s awful.

Well done.


from one the healthier sides of italian sports car fame


Isn’t the point of their transforming into Earth vehicles to make them inconspicuous though?


Disco trucks need some speakers:




Agreed. I wasn’t inferring anything negative. If I had to operate in one mode, superhuman would be my choice.



Cool! Now I just have to wait for a Forza-style campaign racer where you can customize to your heart’s content.


Reminds me of these Wendy’s fast food toys from the mid-90s: http://percysfastfoodtoys.blogspot.com/2014/07/motorcycle-oldemark-1994-wendys.html


But this one has fake fur and glitter. It’s better.


Japanese car culture is amazing- and I can never tell if I think that because they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously or if it’s because they take themselves super seriously.
Regardless, I’m a fan.