Disco trucks of Japan


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On an alternate timeline, this is what Joel Schumacher’s Transformers would’ve looked like.


I’d be 100% in on it. Too bad the current franchise is a barely comprehensible CGI wankfest.


I’ve seen articles on this scene pop up occasionally over the years and it’s always super fascinating. Is there a documentary about this? Because i would watch the hell out of it.


Boing Boing, if this article gets the Rcik Dees smash hit stuck in my head, there will be words!

You know, the song that goes: “Disco! Disco trucks!”

You’re welcome, everyone.


Is it just me, or do some of those front bumpers look like stages? I half expect them to be cruising down the highway with women in hot pants and gogo boots dancing on them.


That would be the best thing ever! EVAR!


If Jean Claude Van Damme can do the splits between two trucks…


I would be down if some of those trucks had a bunch of arcade/pinball machines in them. Would be totally rad to have these trucks roll up for a (birthday) party




Has any video game franchise explored Dekotora? I feel like it’s fertile territory.


Found this on YouTube

Vice documentary

Not sure if it showed though.


If nothing else, there’s consistency: No sign of any aerodynamic drag-reducing roof or side fairings on these babies.


The Sims 3: Dekotora DLC


Ornate crumple zones.


Cultural institutions unite!


This was one of the selectable characters in the 18 Wheeler arcade (and later Dreamcast, PS2 and GameCube) game:


In a Daft Punk co-production.


Damn near perfect response to every post. I am starting to believe that you have superhuman capabilities.