Discourse post-quantifications (location(s))

The quick summary of thread origin and posting history, including top users and their post-counts (as well as links) has been an eye-opener for me. I know it’s been around for a while, but it’s at the top of the thread, and I usually view the bottom of a thread that I’m participating in – since I’m reading new posts.

However, sometimes when I do go back to the top, and see just how many posts I have made, it sometimes gets me to shut up.

It might be useful to have this information-panel repeated at the bottom of the thread, or floating at the top/bottom of the page (dismissible).


Well, we view it as the “table of contents” for the topic, which is the front of a book. Or, if you prefer, It’s like the map you hand out to visitors when they enter Disneyland – it’s positioned near the entrance for new visitors to get their bearings.

In addition to the cast of characters, other stuff that is there:

  • top clicked links in the topic, with domain sources

  • button to summarize the topic to generate the “Reader’s Digest Condensed Version” of the topic

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