Gentle reminder to read longer discussions before posting in them?

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One thing I’m leaning heavily toward is a gentle reminder, when you enter a new topic and begin replying, that you should have read at least some of it.

:raised_hands: Thanks for contributing to the discussion! To promote thoughtful discussion, and ensure that everyone’s voice is being heard, please read 40 other people’s replies before submitting your own.

This would only appear for long discussions (50 posts or more) and it’d be a generous threshold like 40%, with perhaps a cap of 200 just to protect us from megatopics… ain’t nobody reading 40% of a 10,000 reply topic just to reply…

I like this because it’s a little speed bump intended to give us thoughtful discussions.


You can’t use tech to facilitate other people having better manners or any consideration, but good luck with all that.


I like the idea, but I would suggest something more like “40% of all posts OR all posts made in the past month.”

If a topic is relatively new and/or has few posts, one should look through most, if not all, previous posts. However, for mega topics that stretch back years, you are going to stretch people’s recollection if you go back more than a month or so.


Someone else pointed out we could also advertise the Summarize feature as well, to get the TL;DR version of a topic:

Not sure how many people use this feature, but it is intended for “wow, there are 200 replies, I certainly don’t have time to read all of that, but perhaps you could show me a representative sample and I could quickly read that before replying?”


I didn’t know that existed fwiw.


Well, the idea is you’d see it when you entered at the top, and while staring down the precipice of 500+ replies… see the sweet release of a

Summarize this Topic

eject button. Give it a try on a few older topics. Topics must have at least 50 replies before they offer the summarize mode.


Wow … l like it. And it’s been right there the whole time too! Does it just take a random sample or much liked posts or something? I cant believe I never even noticed the button! I tend to feel almost a duty to read the whole of old posts before commenting though.