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I think that most people who buy foreign citizenship (and you can get some nice passports this way if you have enough money, including even Austria for like $9M or Malta at a steal for just $500k) do it as a secondary “back-up” citizenship just in case.

However, I do seem to remember reading a story many years back (it was probably even on BoingBoing…I think before the switch to Discord) about a rich guy who became a citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis and then renounced his US citizenship to avoid taxes. But then, when he tried to visit the US for a conference or something, they denied him a visa because he “did not have enough ties in his home country to show that he would ultimately return without overstaying.” I will keep searching for that article.


Company store at 8x the price, of course

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You used the word requires. The LP will require exactly those things and that is why it will always fail.

Tina Turner has…

Dunno if I’d call her an asshole tho?

Yah, this is exactly what I would expect to happen. US citizenship is way too valuable to just give up for something as one-dimensional as tax avoidance. I think most actual rich businesspeople understand this, but I know a lot of the smaller, more huckster-y true-believer-soverign-citizen types certainly do this. A number of small (real) countries and (not so real) micronations sell citizenship to these clowns.

It’s not like the US just says “Oh well, you got us! Good one!” when you renounce. Now every time you try to visit for a business meeting, apply for a visa, etc, the USCIS is going to look at you and be like, “um, no, you had your chance, dumbass”. They’re not going to forget you.


A military vessel can run without military command and discipline structures?

Aircraft operation also is heirarchal in nature. Pilots and maintenance having specialized skill sets of drastically differing education levels.

No enclosed community can, no.

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AFAIK that is an international legal principle based on treaty rather than a domestic law in most places (though local laws will vary and it could be incorporated.)

The convention on the reduction of statelessness says this
Article 7
Laws for the renunciation of a nationality shall be conditional upon a person’s acquisition or possession of another nationality. (Exceptions: not to frustrate freedom of movement of nationals within a country, not to frustrate return of nationals to their country, not to frustrate a person’s ability to seek asylum)

But, given how states have recently been removing citizenship from people (hi Priti Patel) regardless, enforcement is, as always, an issue. The US signed the convention.


I think it was Saijd Javid who illegally stripped Shamima Begum of her citizenship if that’s what you are referring to. (Not that Priti Patel would have done anything else. She probably would have gloated more, though).


Sorry. She attracted that assumption of performative cruelty through a carefully managed public profile.

As your correction is just after I’ll leave my mistake intact.


Easy mistake to make. Hard to even remember a Home Secretary who wouldn’t have been beholden to the tabloids on that topic.


Here’s a story about some people who think they will have an island paradise on.a new island, and discover just how much work it is. A fun read,


It happens, but for all the reasons that you list it isn’t very common. More commonly it is used as a (not particularly credible) threat by the wealthy when people talk about raising taxes.

The US has traditionally been uncomfortable with the idea of dual citizens or stateless people. It used to be that the US had a policy of actively discouraging dual citizenship. People eligible for dual citizenship at birth were generally required to choose one when they became adults. But there was a court case where it was ruled that your eligibility for US citizenship was unaffected by any eligibility for citizenship in other countries. Even before that rulling, US recognized however, that some other countries might still regard US citizens of their own. There were warnings that if Turkey regarded you as a citizen, visiting relatives there could result in you being drafted into the Turkish army.

The US is still uncomfortable with the idea of dual citizenship, but now it takes more of a Sgt Schultz attitude and generally ignores any dual citizenship that people my be eligible for at birth. As you have pointed out, however, they still require anybody acquiring US citizenship through naturalization to renounce any other citizenship. Of course that does not affect whether Canada (or Turkey) considers one a citizen. And the US does not send any kind of notification to the other country that somebody has renounced that countries citizenship. But I wouldn’t call it “nonsense” exactly because of the possibility that travelling on a foreign passport or voting in foreign elections could be used a reason for the revocation of naturalization. I wouldn’t call that LIKELY, but I wouldn’t call that impossible, either. Keeping and intentionally maintaining foreign citizenship would seem to mean that one lied when you swore to abandon any claims to foreign citizenship. An that in turn would seem to qualify as "Discovery that a person failed to comply with any of the requirements for naturalization at the time the person became a U.S. citizen renders his or her naturalization illegally procured. This applies even if the person is innocent of any willful deception or misrepresentation. " Chapter 2 - Grounds for Revocation of Naturalization | USCIS

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Take turns being captain, with the consideration that all decisions have to be ratified at a special biweekly meeting, by a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs, but by a two thirds majority in the case of more…


Are you suggesting that they should be… Communists!?


Or an anarcho-syndicalist commune?


Do you really think that the Ayn-caps care about the difference between anarcho-communism and anarcho-syndicalism? It’s all the road to serfdom for them.

About the only thing they have in common with the Monty Python sketch is that they will end up with a mud farm when they fail to grow anything.



I really need to stop fooling around and read Snow Crash


I get the feeling they play videos like this on a loop:


It absolutely blew my mind the first time I read it… but that was back in '92, I was still in Jr High, and I had never even heard of William Gibson (yet). Sci Fi always ages in weird ways to me because a speculative future becomes an alternate history in what feels like the blink of an eye.