Who wants a cruise ship that might be filled with possibly diseased rats?




Wasn’t there a RPG that started like this?


This must be a trick question. Free cruise ship? I’m onboard!

...may, or may not, involve fighting off armies of cannibal rats.
Still better than a Carnival poop cruise.


Let’s do this, Boingboing! Certainly if we worked together it could be ours.


Wouldn’t the cannibal part only be a problem if you are also a rat?


@doctorow should be able to spy it from his hot air balloon…


At the time a statement said that the vessel: “no longer poses a threat to the safety of offshore oil installation, their personnel or the maritime environment. The vessel has drifted into international waters and given current patterns and predominant winds, it is very unlikely that the vessel will re-enter waters under Canadian jurisdiction

So, “fuck it, not our problem anymore”.


Haha. Brilliant!


Um, as far as I know, all rats are “cannibal rats.”


I donno, do rats have prion diseases that make them insane? This could be how the zombie apocalypse starts.


High school prom hijinks!


I think Betteridge’s law of headlines usually only applies to yes-or-no questions, but maybe it gives the right answer in this case too.


I think it was more “recapturing this thing isn’t worth getting someone killed”. The mystery of the lifeboat transponders that didn’t go off if it sank is easily explained by the lack-of-maintenance of their batteries &/or that they are transmitting but from the bottom of the ocean.


I think, in the case, the answer would be more like, “NOPE”


Not sure.
But now I’m imaging an failed utopian objectivist city state at sea run by cannibalistic super rats.


But according to the New Scientist, there are two groups actively looking for it – one hopes to cash in on the notoriety of the ship by auctioning its furniture and fittings before scrapping it, and the other is looking to perfect their skills at finding non-transpondered ships so that they can help fight illegal overfishing. So the answer is yes, someone does want it


In the eternal quest for authenticity in funiture, it’s going to be hard to top a sofa that was genuinely pissed on by a large seagoing colony of diseased rats


Ah, the Law of the Sea. Just imagine what Sea Org has going on out there.


Right, this would seem to be one of those “the problem appears to be taking care of itself” situations.