Who wants a cruise ship that might be filled with possibly diseased rats?

Yeah, but that one rat that’s left at the end is going to be a big, evil motherfucker that none of us are really going to want to deal with…


Yes yes, I heard that monologue from Skyfall.

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The Zetas say we’re not allowed to do so.

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I’m pretty sure that the whole ship full of cannibal rats story came from an old pulp story called “Three skeleton key”.
It’s about three lighthouse keepers that spot a ship drifting towards their lighthouse and as it gets closer they see that it is teeming with ravenous rats!
The horror!
The horror!

So. I’m guessing slow news day leads to fantasy journalism? Or weird journalism?

Now I have a morbid curiosity around what the half life of a healthy rat population is going to be, and how long it would take for the last rat to starve to death. Though I imagine they need fresh water more than they need food, just like humans.

i guess no one got the bioshock reference.

I did, and I much appreciated it.

Maybe its the new Scientology prison.

Fresh water/fresh blood. Zombie rats are not too fussy.

I remember reading about this on a blog called “Boing Boing” a year ago.

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In other news, the English solicitor Jonathan Harker, whose foreign client chartered the Russian ship, has no comment. Perhaps we will learn more when the ship runs aground at Whitby.


Why is no one making this a reality show? You tape two or three different salvage crews (ideally one that’s rough around the edges but endearing maybe bearded thickly accented Gulf Coast shrimpers trying out salvaging in the off season, and one that’s sleek and scientific and well-funded one like Odyssey Marine Exploration,and one that includes a family in turmoil fighting to keep their family business afloat and work their problems out, or maybe one that has a hot chick, but it doesn’t really matter, creative editing can make whatever crews you get work) racing each other to find the ship. I could make a ton of money off making that show. It’d be perfect for a summer show. Up against mostly re-runs, it’d be a huge hit.


How does an insane starving rat differ from a sane starving rat to a casual observer?

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