Disgustingly beautiful housefly art

Behold, the common housefly — Musca domestica. You know it as a connoisseur of both sugar water and disgusting crap (literally), but this animal is also, deep inside, a sensitive arteest. Human artist John Knuth figured out how to help M. domestica express its passionate, aesthetic side in a series of paintings that exploit basic… READ THE REST

To state the obvious (since nobody else has): How many flies, how much colored syrup, and how many canvases would it take before they accidentally accidentally painted A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte?

I’m guessing, that it would require less flies, less time, and less typewriters than waiting on flies to hammer out Hamlet. After a fan caught four foul balls in one Cleveland Indians baseball game yesterday, I’m no longer inclined to think of trillion to one odds as unfathomable. I’m no statistician, though.

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