Charmingly illustrated guide to insects you should not have sex with


I assume there’s some arthropod-based analog to Furries out there somewhere but I’m too scared to Google it.


The water boatmen have a pretty impressive trick. I don’t think it’s fair to compare them to that guy.

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…I can’t help but wonder if the title of this article implies that there exists the opposite category…

Ok, for the images on this post, I would totally ahem . . . tap that (contingent on size and materials, natch). Dang, now I know where to look for new sex toy ideas. Thanks!

Edit: ok after reading the article, it turns out that those images are not actually the sexual paraphernalia of the bugs they’re talking about.

The honeybee description is really taking a lot of the charm out of the “Death by snu snu” concept


“guide to insects you should not have sex with”

Hmm. Shouldn’t that be all of them?

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Clark Nova is kinda sexy…


I’ve seen it. At least the art for it, no cosplay so far. Most of it is pretty guro, there’s a lot of vore-themed stuff, and just a few pieces that aren’t actually so bad.

It definitely not for the faint of heart. And most stout-hearted people would find it pretty disgusting. Pretty much for the twisted and irredeemably deviant.

You might want to avoid these frogs as well.

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As far as I’m concerned, they can get up to whatever they want to, as long as they don’t do it in my hair.

Don’t know about the others, but that description of dragonfly mating is not at all like what I’ve observed (nor is it substantiated by the link she gives)- the pairs I’ve seen have indulged in prolonged and graceful aerobatic intercourse, followed by leisurely and delicate laying of eggs, accomplished by skimming the water for a fraction of a second.

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In High School, I researched methods for identifying various Alloperla (Stoneflies) and discovered that, under an electron microscope, the epiproct of the male varied wildly. None of them seemed to be very friendly structures. Here are some examples:

Previously, on BoingBoing…

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