Disney made a haptic jacket for the VRs

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The non-Disney-produced VR experience they have at Disney Springs, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, has haptic vests that do a terrific job of simulating being hit by laser blasts. But this looks like it’d be far more flexible and subtle.

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What, no force pants?

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Jesus, can I please have Fortnite VR already? I’d love to auto run and look left and right.

A colleague with a teenage son and I were talking about video game addiction, and how summer camp for him feels like detox. VR is really cool, but as the real world gets less pleasant and the virtual world becomes more pleasant, the DSM is going to grow like a haptic airbag.

The article at io9 immediately jumped to “Simulates the Feeling of Turning Into the Hulk”.

yeah those vests are pretty cool and the overall game experience is probably the best VR I’ve seen. It’s all done by The Void, working with Lucasfilm & Industrial Light & Magic. The Void’s CEO is actually the former CTO of ILM.

Note they now have the Secrets of the Empire experience in Orlando, Anaheim, Glendale (CA), London and Las Vegas and are opening other locations rapidly (full disclosure- I help with set up as a vendor for The Void). They have a similar Ghostbusters VR experience in NYC, Toronto and a few other locations.

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Well that’s just neat.

Not surprised to see this sort of thing making a comeback now that VR is somewhat taking off. PC game accessory companies were trying to sell something akin to this at least 10 years ago for use with FPS games.

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